Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine:-

The concept of PALLET STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE as the name suggests entails the use of stretch-cling film. The Stretch Film is Stretched to the required percentage and wrapped around the product/pallet.
The film clings to the previous layer of Film. The Cycle keeps on repeating till the entire product/pallet is covered with film.

Use Of pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine:-

Pallet stretch wrapping machine is an ideal machine for wrapping pallets, including high-cube containers, ready to be exported in containers. In addition,  It is ideal for packing products like textile cone yarn, castings, light & heavy engineering goods, pharmaceutical products, electrical & home appliances, sacks containing grains, chemicals, fertilizers, tins containing, fruit pulp, paint, liquids, lubricants, jumbo bags containing products like activated carbon, granules, powders, etc.

In conclusion, The Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic machine for wrapping pallets using stretch cling film.

This machine is used in many countries for wrapping pallets with pre-stretched cling film. It ensures stable and moisture-proof wrapping of pallets at minimum cost. Optimum wrapping of pallets using a wide range of film material is made possible by the state-of-the-art “Powered Pre-Stretch Unit ” which can stretch the film up to 300% (One meter long becomes 4 meters long).
Therefore, The powered Pre-Stretch unit has a separate motor to stretch the film.
However,  This simple and sturdy machine can operate continuously in a severe industrial environment. The machine can be easily operated by unskilled workers in the packing line as the cycle of operation is completely automated.
Stretch wrapped Pallet of yarn cones.

Pallet Wrapping Machine Used In Different Industries:-

The Stretch Wrapping Machine (Model Classic) is using a 220 V, single-phase, 15 Amps, & 1.5 KW power supply. The cycle of operation can be programmed and monitored through a microprocessor interface. It is easy to operate & very simple to maintain; it is sturdy & user friendly. In many cases we can load more quantity of our Goods by reducing/eliminating the use of wood / corrugated boxes etc., thereby conserving natural ecology.

Thus the savings in packing material costs, and the profits due to the additional quantity of goods exported in each container (due to less tare weight) pay back its cost of investment very quickly, say by the time when 25 – 30 container loads are exported using this machine.

The Model: CLASSIC is highly suitable for most of the industries exporting their goods in huge volumes. Composite Textile Mills can use this machine for internal transportation of Yarn from Spinning to Weaving section, similar to the transportation of TV cabinets explained above. Advantages like savings in Labour cost, in the time taken for loading & unloading, clarity of Goods for customs-inspection, moisture & dustproof packing, etc., attract both the exporters & importers.

In addition, This model has been installed in many countries like United Kingdom, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, U. A. E., Venezuela, Indonesia, Egypt, Fiji Islands, UAE, Greece, Mauritius, etc.


The pallet stretch wrapping machine offers various types of feature for your convenience:-
1.)  Firstly, Robust Construction
2.)Secondly, Power Stretching( Controllable)
3.)Thirdly, Controllable Cycle Time
4.)Safety Features Incorporated
5.)Indigenous Design
6.) User- Friendly
7.)Turntable: The turntable adopts a chain drive.
8.)Turntable rotation speed can be adjustable.
9.)Film carriage adopt powered pre-stretch film, save film up to 300%.
10.)Latest HI-Tech Machine
11.)Low noise transmission
12.)Excellent Wrapping performances
13.)Concise and Easy to Operate Design
14.)Convenient Maintenance
15.)Human-Machine Interface
16.)Flawless quality& Higher Functional Life

It is applied in many areas Include Pallestised Load Or Cargo For Exports, Molded Plastic Furniture, Cartons,
In Textile Rolls( Denim, Heavy Fabric), For Copper Wire Coils, Cans(Filled/ empty), Chemical Bags, Plastic Granule Bags, etc.

Advantages Of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine:-

There are many advantages of Pallet stretch wrapping machine, Here are some basic ones:-
1.)Firstly, It Protects from Dust, Moisture, and Foreign Particles.
2.)Secondly, Protection from Pilferage
3.) Thirdly, Gives stability to the pack
3.)Scratch Resistance.
4.)handling becomes easy and fast.
5.)Economical mode of packing


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