Coil stretch wrapping machine:-

The Coil stretch wrapping machine is mainly used for drip coil Spiral/Periphery Stretch wrapping of Coil shaped products.

There are mainly two types of coil stretch wrapping machine are available:-
1.) Horizontal Coil stretch wrapping machine
2.) Vertical Coil stretch wrapping machine

Application Of Coil stretch wrapping Machine:-

It is applied in various type of products including PVC Wires & Cables, Stitching wire Coil, Braided Pipe Coil, Vehicle Tyres,
Pneumatic Pipe Bundles, Welding Wire Coils, paper reels, Sheet Metal Coils, Laminate Rolls for packing purpose.

However, there are many features available in this machine that can you use for your packaging ease. First of all, you can control film overlap.
Therefore, There’s cycle time is easily adjustable. It is quite suitable for use with stretch film rolls, also it is Indigenously made.
The main feature is that a wide variety of coil sizes can be wrapped in this same machine.

Moreover, A coil packing machine can help provide you high-quality machinery to help with your packaging process. It combines your needs and rich experience to provide a unique service to your customer.

Coil data and specifications are manually inputted to the control center and the system. The parameter contains relevant information such as:
• OD of coils
• ID of coils
• Width of coils
• Weight of coils
• Required wrapping speed
• Required wrapping layer
• Customer identification number

Therefore, PLC and HMI help the machine run automatically, through the control system, users can easily control and modify the information. All the error occurred will be shown on the interface, give the users a more clear view of the progress.

Coil stretch wrapping machine may help you in different ways Like,

1. Firstly, The different wire packing solution available varies from coil size.
2. High speed for wire coil packing, strapping, and handling
3. ThirdlyAutomatic solution and packing system
4. Rich experience and professional team
5. Automation in the wire industry for packing.
6. Customize automatic packaging systems such as wire rewinding and strapping machines, compressing machines.

The Coil packing machine is a ring stretch wrapper special designed for eye through packing-which is an efficient equipment for coil packaging. There are different versions of coil stretch wrapper per different coil sizes, handling ways, packing material, and handling requirements.
most importantlyIn the market different types of coil packaging solution is available for a nice and uniform packaging for many products in coil side, such as hose coil, pipe coil, wire coil, bearing, cable…
 In conclusionFor the coil packing machine, the speed of the ring and rollers are adjustable so that it is able to wrap the coils by 360 degrees. It is the most efficient packing machine for coil objects and it was approved by thousand’s end-user who asking for higher packaging rates and minimal space and lower labor costs.

In this paragraph,  we are going to discuss By eye through packing: Coil packaging machine is able to cover the packing material over all surfaces of coils by well-controlled overlap. By different materials, the packaging layer is able to eliminate most of the air, dust, moisture from outside.
MoreoverBy choosing the proper packing material: the package is able to reduce corrosion, water spots, dust, and rust. It protecting the surface of the coil in storage and transportation.
Browse your entire range of coil packaging requirements in size, speed, and packing material and selecting the right solution that is suitable for you.

Advantages Of coil wrapping Machine

1.) Firstly, Protection from the entry of Dust, Moisture, Foreign Particles
2.)  Secondly, Protection from Tamper
3.)Uniform/ Consistent Packing
4.) Saves Packaging Labour cost and Time
5.) Globally favored form of Packaging.

There are also various features available in Coil stretch wrapping machine:-

1.)Firstly, Adjustable Film Overlap
2.)Secondly, PLC Based Operations
3.) Automatic cutting and holding of film.
4.)Adjustable stretch ratio.
5.) Vibration-free Operation
6.) Logo PLC base operation for the timing of wrapping
7.) Rotation, Cutting, ejection
8.) Advance paper relish system.


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