Pallet wrapping Machine

Pallet wrapping Machine

Pallet stretch wrap Machine with Power Pre Stretch is an ideal machine for wrapping pallets, including high-cube containers, ready to be exported in containers.
Pallet Wrap Strapping Machine is ideal for packing products like textile cone yarn, castings, light & heavy engineering goods, pharmaceutical products, electrical & home appliances, sacks containing grains, chemicals, fertilizers, tins containing, fruit pulp, paint, liquids, lubricants, jumbo bags containing products like activated carbon, granules, powders, etc.
HL-Series Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic machine for wrapping pallets using stretch cling film.




1.) It Protects from Dust, Moisture, and Foreign Particles.
2.)Protection from Pilferage
3.) Gives stability to the pack
3.)Scratch Resistance.
4.)handling becomes easy and fast.
5.)Economical mode of packing


1.) Robust Construction
2.)Power Stretching( Controllable)
3.)Controllable Cycle Time
4.)Safety Features Incorporated
5.)Indigenous Design
6.) User- Friendly
7.)Turntable: The turntable adopts a chain drive.
8.)Turntable rotation speed can be adjustable.
9.)Film carriage adopt powered pre-stretch film, save film up to 300%.
10.)Latest HI-Tech Machine
11.)Low noise transmission
12.)Excellent Wrapping performances
13.)Concise and Easy to Operate Design
14.)Convenient Maintenance
15.)Human-Machine Interface
16.)Flawless quality& Higher Functional Life