M Type Pallet stretch wrapping machine

We Make innovative new product M Type pallet wrapping machines. If you have trobling for loading unloading pallet than that machine more suitable for you.

We make (M Type pallet wrapping machine for all type pallet like big and small but more suitable for less Than 1500 X 1500 mm pallet.

M type pallet stretch wrapping machine – We offer a wide range of Pallet Wrapping Machine that is used for the packing of medicines, garments, and chemicals
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Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
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we are making a pallet stretch wrapping machine in Ahmedabad Gujrat India.





Pallet Size MM 1200 L x 1200 W  x 2000 H
Weight Capacity  1000 Kg To 1500 Kg


Power ¨ 415 V. A.C

¨ 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing (415 V AC 50 Hz)


                                         Turn Table Specification


MAX working Die ¨ 75”
Arm Motor ¨  2 Hp Flame proof Motor
Arm Speed ¨  Up to 15 rpm
Turntable drive ¨  2 Hp
Wrap Height ¨  120 mm
                                              Film delivery system
Stretch Film Roll Diameter ¨ Up to 18 ” Max


¨ ID: up To 3”


¨ OD: up To 10”