Paper Board Shrink wrapping machine

Paper Box shrink wrapping machine

The shrink wrapping process consists of 3 steps:-

1. Product grouping
The products are arranged into a group (e.g. 3×2 bottles to form a 6-pack), In slower machines the product is fed single lane, and grouping are done inside Heavy Model Shrinkwrapping Machine by successive strokes of pneumatic or electric pusher (or lifter.) In faster Heavy shrink wrapping machines the product is introduced in multilane or pre-collated outside of the Bottle shrink machine. while high-speed machines use continuous motion grouping
2. Bundle forming
A sheet of shrink film is wrapped around the products forming a bundle. there are currently two main ways for wrapping the product, – using two rolls with hot knife cutting and sealing
– using single roll with cold knife cutting and overlap sealing in the tunnel
3. Heat shrink Packaging Machine
The bundle passes through a heated zone of the shrink tunnel, where re-circulated hot air causes the film to shrink and conform the shape of enclosed products. Once outside, the pack is cooled by forced air to tighten the film-forming semi-rigid pack ready for stacking on a pallet or further downstream packaging.


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1.) Sealing line on Two sides of the product by Web Sealer Shrink Tunnel Or Web Sealer With Shrink Machine Or Mineral water Bottle Cap Sealing Machine
2.) Counter& Timer controlled System Of shrink Wrap Packing Machine
3.)Heavy-duty Conveyor System by Mini Plastic Sealing Machine or L Bar Shrink Packaging Machine
4.)High-speed Blower System with Continuous Rating
5.)High-Quality Heating Element by Heat Shrink Tunnel Machines
6.) Easy Operations by PET Bottle Shrinkwrapping Or Small Shrinkwrapping Machine Or Bottle Shrinking Machine
7.)Longer Service Life Of Water Bottle Shrinkwrapping Machines
8.)Resistant Against Corrosion of JD Plastic Sealing Machine
9.) Two Roll of shrink film Operations for Bottle wrapping Machine By Automatic Film Shrink Wrapping Machine