ROll Wrapper Machine

Reel wrapper machine

Reel Wrapper is a machine specially designed for packing paper, film, foil and similar materials manufactured in reels through Paper wrapping Machine, Paper Packaging Machine, Paper Roll Packing Machine.

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1.)Can be used as Reel Wrapper and Pallet Wrapper & Change-over is by a single switch.
2.) Counter gives Stretch % applied & quantity of Film consumed in each Reel / Pallet.
3.) Provision for a wide range of reel diameters.
4.) Various levels of protection can be achieved by using flexible control of turntable and Reel speeds.
5.)Completely automated machine.
6.)Sturdily built for handling reels up to 1.5 tonnes by weight.
7.)Low profile height of turntable for easy loading and unloading of reels.
8.)Pit mounting of the machine is possible so that loading & unloading of Reels is at Ground Level.
9.)Applies pre-stretched film delivered from State-of-Art Powered Pre-Stretch Unit.
10.) Film stretch percentage can be easily adjusted to optimize film consumption and provide sufficient protection.
11.)Ideally suited for paper, film foil, tire cord fabrics, and similar materials produced in reel form.
12.)Reduce the use of film with the stretching size of a film with our unique reel wrapping machine.


1.) Protection from moisture dust and Foreign Particles
2.) Save Packaging time and Labour
3.) Prevents telescoping of film rolls
4.) Easy identification of the wrapped product
5.) Globally accepted form of packaging
6.) Uniform packing