Semi Auto Shrink Wrap Machine With L Sealer

l sealer machine
  1. The semi automatic shrink wrap with l sealer is a combination of shrink wrapper and flow wrap.
    Is an extremely popular alternative to a separate L sealer and Shrink Tunal  It is incredibly easy to use, durable and offers excellent and consistent results on all shrink films, especially polyolefin shrink films.
  2.  One of the key benefits of a combination unit shrink wrapper compared to a separate ‘L’ sealer and shrink tunnel is the smooth and constantly level transfer from sealer to tunnel. With the combination unit machines, as the packing table is lowered or raised to accommodate different packs, the shrink tunnel bed also rises and lowers to the same level for transfer.
  3. This is vital for unstable packs such as collations, where product movement can be critical to final presentation


Benefits of our combination shrink wrappers include:

  • Impulse wire sealing system for easy maintenance and consistently strong seals
  • Heavy duty build quality, to provide years of consistent production
  • Available in a variety of frame sizes to meet your specific needs
  • A powered film feed as standard, making it much easier and faster for operators
  • The availability of an automatic pneumatic cycle of the sealing head to increase shrink wrap speeds
  • Available in stainless steel for food and dairy shrink wrapping where exceptional levels of hygiene are required