Notebook L-Sealing Packing Machine

Automatic Notebook L sealing machine

An automatic L-seal cutting machine is a fully automatic unmanned L sealing cutter, widely used for lot production pipelining with high efficiency. The machine is equipped with an auto film feeding & perforating device and adjustable product infeed conveying table in order to meet different requirements from different products.

Fully automatic L-sealers are high-speed L-sealing solutions for wrapping using polyolefin film. The automatic L-sealers can be used in combination with shrink tunnels.

automatic L-sealers are ideal for high speed, providing excellent performance and value for money.

The complete system consists of a fully automatic L-sealing machine and a separate heat shrink tunnel.

The speed of the system is up to 25 packs per minute. The machine is fully automatic and an operator is only required for loading packets, monitoring, and film changing.




Heavy Duty Electronic Timer
Adjustable working platform.
2-3 Second per cycle


Available in two different sizes
Very fast shrink wrapping machine – can wrap 30 items per minute
Very little operating needed
Can process heavy-duty wrapping
Can be rented on long and short term loans