Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

  1. Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine is more suitable to any form or type or design like box, bottles irrespective of shape.
  2. The semi automatic shrink wrap machine is more suitable for low speed production lines for both pharma and food industries and for other respective applications.
  3. The required collation and matrix forming will take place on collation plate which placed near to web sealer section.
  4. Once the required matrix formation gets completed ,manually push the matrix pusher on to  welding area and take back the pusher .
  5. The delay signal gets activated by sensor and gives the signal to  seal bar accordingly seal bar comes down and sealing and cutting operation gets completed
  6. After the sealing and cutting operation seal bar ascends, the manual pusher advances to transfer the  collation into the welding position, at the same time displacing the previously wrapped collation onto continuously moving shrink tunnel conveyor.
  7. The wrapped collation soon enters the shrink tunnel chamber where recirclulated hot air causes the wrap to shrink and tightly conform to the contours of the contents.
  8. Once the pack is out of the hot chamber , forced air cooling is used to tighten sleeve wrap to achieve a strong, secure pack ready for stacking on pallet or a placing on a shipping carton.


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